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Music Lessons With Mikki








Learn fundamental contemporary singing technique that will give you the flexibility to sing multiple styles of music, including jazz, popular/rock, musical theatre, and classical. Discover your unique sound!


Depending on your needs and goals, lessons may include:  Voice Training & Building* breath control * range development * tonal development * diction * posture * ear training * creative song interpretation * presentation & stage presence * developing your unique sound. Learning Songs & Building Repertoire* learn methods to effectively learn and practice new music * explore new styles of music * develop and expand your current repertoire or start from scratch * explore improvisation for jazz and popular music.


Other Musicianship Skills* ear training * sight singing * singing harmony and choral music * basic piano skills and music reading. Audition Prep & Coaching for musical theatre, choirs, bands, other vocal auditions.





Learn fundamental piano technique, music reading skills, and music theory that can be applied to classical, jazz, and popular styles of music. Depending on your needs and goals, lessons may include:* Music Reading * Sight Reading * Piano Technique * Music Theory  * Playing Popular Styles (pop, rock, jazz...) * Playing from Lead Sheets & Real Books * Singing and playing piano.



Learn fundamental playing techniques and breath control that will give you the ability to play solo styles and/or as part of an ensemble or school band. Various method books and scale methods for dexterity will be used.    



MUSIC THEORY & VOCAL ARRANGING Theory and choral/vocal jazz/a cappella arranging sessions also available.



Lessons Locations :


  • Oakland/Berkeley @LABC on Lakeshore Ave. Oakland, Ca 94610

  • Sarah Gettty's Music Studio in Campbell, Ca please visit  for more information about this location.

  • Online lessons are available. Please contact Mikki  for  more information.


For Scheduling  and more info, please contact Mikki at 510-495-0656 or


Music students generally take one lesson per week at a regularly scheduled time for consistency and to maximize growth. Lessons may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the needs of the  student.



Studio Policies:



Lesson Rates




Monthly Lessons: Dedicated learners can choose to pay for the month of lessons up front.  This payment is due at or before your first lesson of the month. Half hour $55.00 per lesson. Hour $110.00 per lesson. All children ages 4-10 recommended to take one half an hour lesson per week. Teens/Adults hour lessons are recommended.


Split Lessons: Those taking hour lessons can chose to split their time for 30 minutes of piano and 30 minutes of voice.  Split lessons require by the month  sign up and payment is due at or before your first lesson of the month.


Family Discounts: Two or more children within the same family, that take the monthly half hour lessons, will be discounted to $100.00 hourly lesson rate.  Requires at least a 3 month commitment and 30 day notice before discontinuing lessons. Monthly payment is due at or before your first lesson of the month.


Busy Adults: Special offer for working / busy adults and college students. Committing to lessons once a week can be difficult. Schedule an hour lesson once every two weeks or twice a month. Available for Oakland Location Only.


Less time Lessons: 45 minute lessons are offered monthly prepay at rate of $90.00 per lesson.

****Not recommended for adults to take 30 minute lessons****

Payment Methods: Cash or Check. Venmo only, please.



If you know you will miss a lesson, please contact Mikki at minimum 24 hours in advance to set up a make up lesson.  It is your responsibility to contact me to schedule make up lessons. Make up lessons will expire one month after the date of the original missed lesson. Make up lessons are based on my schedule availability and cannot be guaranteed, though I will do my very best to be accommodating. My priorities are to honor everyone’s time and to ensure all students receive the best instruction I can offer. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

Covid safety policies for in-person lessons

By coming to the studio in-person, the student and/or parent, guardian or caregiver are assuming the risk of exposure to coronavirus.

These are the steps that we will take together to minimize risk:

  • Everyone will wash hands or use hand sanitizer on arrival

  • Everyone will wear masks during the lesson

  • Lessons will be canceled or moved to Zoom if the student or teacher has any symptoms of illness, including coronavirus symptoms or the common cold/flu

  • Lessons will be canceled or moved to Zoom if the student or teacher has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 10 days

The teacher will also sanitize the doors and keyboard of the piano between lessons, and will run an air purifier.

The studio also requests that anyone attending lessons in person disclose their vaccination status. (All teachers at the studio have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.) If the student or person attending the lesson with the student hasn’t been vaccinated, the teacher and the student will discuss possibilities to meet safely in-person.


I believe it is important to encourage weekly attendance because consistency (and practice!) is important for growth. That said, I know everyone is busy and life happens, so I will always do my best to work with schedule changes, illness, and emergencies. And if ever you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

To take lessons, please  contact Mikki : Phone: 510-495-0656 or

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